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Trees: Ash, Birch, Cherry, Crabapple, Dogwood, Elm, Gingko, Magnolia, Maple, Oak, Pear, Plum, Redbud, Serviceberry, Silverbell, Sweetgum, Sycamore, Willow, Zelkova, & more.






Shrubs: Althea, Barberry, Burning Bush, Butterfly Bush, Crape Myrtle, Dogwood, Hydrangea, Itea, Lilac, Privet, Rose, Spirea, Viburnum, Weigelia, & more.






Evergreens: Abelia, Arbovitae, Azalea, Boxwood, Cedar, Cleyera, Cotoneaster, Cypress, Euonymus, Hemlock, Holly, Juniper, Laurel, Mahonia, Nandina, Photina, Pine, Rhododendron, Spruce, Yew

Grasses/Groundcovers/Perennials: Coreopsis, Daylily, Hosta, Jasmine, Miscanthus, Paeonia, Pennisetum, Phlox, Salvia, & more

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